Front room

west wall 427cm

east wall 427,6cm

north west wall 210,7cm

north east wall 203,6cm

back room

south east wall 200cm

east wall 424,4cm

north wall 392cm

north west wall 190cm


Castello925 is the first concept gallery space envisioned by Luca. In the spaces offered by Luca you are not restricted from the artists vision. This is a space and it is do be transformed for the time of exhibition to be the physical reality of the vision. Whether false walls need to be built or the entire space coated in mirrors it will be done to realize the project.

The space offers a main street and canal facing room with 2 large windows at the front. Past the first room is another room with a storage room and separate bathroom. The room in the back is lit with moveable lights that are able to either light up the room as a whole or spot the light directly onto concentrated areas.

  • Castello925 youtube