Castello925 gallery presents Mimmo Rosell's Accordatura, In Collaboration with MEN Gallery in New York, Italy Renown Italian artist Roselli brings to the two galleries an installation that connects two cities with lines that
are part real and part imaginary As the title, translated into English as tuning, suggests, the cords are attuned to each other
in a harmony, seemingly unattainable in our globalized existence. The artist makes his statement in defense of individual
voices which, if attentive and accepting of each other, can exist in harmony The title also addresses an element of the installation never used by Roselli before, musical score.

The artist "builds" a physical place surrounded by the sound of an organ tuning. The space is defined by lines tensed like a cord of a musical instrument, partly visible. The invisible, imaginary part connects the two galleries; the visible part represents a segment of a way. where human passing makes an indelible, individual mark. "So the situation was this: the sign served to mark a place, but at the same time it meant that in that place there was a sign (something far more important because there were plenty of places but there was only one sign) and also at the same time that sign was mine, the sign of me, because it was the only sign i had ever made and i was the only one who had ever made signs. It was like a name, the name of that point, and also my name that i had signed on that spot, in short it was the only name available for everything that required a name"

(from "The Cosmicomics" by Italo Calvino)

Roselli describes his process of making a mark as follows: "for me "Toccare (to touch)" is the right word for my sculptures-in-stallations. I am given a space where i can build my filiform sculptures and this is how i can touch that space, with respect for the given space where no variation is made except my sculpture of lines, which enter into dialogue, sometimes in contrast, with the objects and volumes present."

Mimmo Roselli is and internationally recognized artist, whose work was exhibited in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. he had participated in New York in the inaugural exhibition of the Chelsea Art Museum, with "Sahmadi", in New York at the MOMA in "the artist and the book in twentieth-century, italy": at the Chicago 4th international Congress of Educating Cities. "Por uma favela". (conference / Exhibition); in the first Poland Biennale, Lodz in Budapest the European Community Exhibition, "Art on Lake" and in the 55th Venice Biennale" in 2013, a solo show "II Gigante buono". Casa Italiana/NYU, Curator S. Albertini, where he made a permanent sculpture-installation "Da qui a qui" , New York, 2016. Mimmo roselli is also lauded around the world for his strong social commitment, including the Brazil project with the children of the favelas, art and music project in Bolivia with the Guarani people, and Art in the Hospital.

He is the curator of an international Festival of Arts held in a Guarani Community of Bolivia, Santa Rosa.


Hosted in the summer of 2015 the space of castello780.


Hosted from May 11th to November 26th 2017 in Castell925 "The Table" exhibition was the project of  Roman Zaslonov, Viktar Labkovich and Sergey Talybov. This project was in conjunction with the 57th Venice Biennale.

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