Castello 925 was born in the mind of its creator, Luca Caldironi, long before it

ever became an actual space. Luca had been envisioning for a while a space dedicated to creativity, or rather, cre-activity, an all-embracing/360-degree creative activity that would bring together art, culture, literature, leaving plenty of space for imagination! We’re not talking about a simple art-gallery, which would not only be reductive but also, I must say, outdated. This is a place where creative expressions of all kinds come to meet, clash and leave their footprint! A place to present “finished” works that were built elsewhere … but also a space where new ideas come to life and new co-operations! A place to live in and hang out, not just for grand openings, but for the everyday life of an artist, a writer’s research or exchanges of passionate art-seekers and collectors.

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Castello925 offers a unique experience to clients. We discuss your needs and requirements for your exhibition and work with you to build the best package possible for you.

Whether you need staff, food & drink, music, projections or rooms painted to fit your exhibition,

all this and more can be discussed and tailored to your needs.

For Inquires on booking the spaces we have available along with any special service requirements,

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Bill Hayward

“At six, I did not have (or need) discreet language. I possessed insatiable sense and sight. Pure seeing. This was the experience of meaning and moment, sensation that went directly to feeling before it became tethered by brain and thought.” 

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